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jay marj solstice rideJay bought me a bike for my birthday in March 2012. It’s perfect. It’s a ladies’ bike, with a relatively padded seat. You sit pretty much upright and it has seven speeds, all easily manipulated with the right handle bar.

I’d wanted to get a new bike. My old one was a mountain bike and you had to sort of hunch over and I never much liked it. Plus, it was probably close to 15 years old – not that it was worn out or anything. But it was never the kind of bike I had been looking for. I guess I had to be in my 50s for Jay to finally accept the fact that I wanted a non-sporty bike.

Anyway, I was really hoping that I’d use the bike. Wanting to go riding and actually going are two different things!

But ride we have.

We live right off the Highline Canal, which is one of Denver’s treasures (that, and the Cherry Creek trail). It’s perfect – nearby, beautiful, and pretty much flat. I love to go bike riding, but have no interest in riding uphill. I’m all about moderation. No riding the cliffs of southern France thank you. But Holland looks very appealing!

Jay and I don’t get the bikes out every weekend, but we try. Yesterday, we did the Summer Solstice ride with our friends and hundreds of strangers – starting at City Park, winding our way through Denver, through the Botanic Gardens, Cheesman Park, some of Denver’s oldest and grandest neighborhoods (Polo Club and Country Club), to Washington Park (our favorite) where we were treated to burritos and beer next to the lake. Then we rode back on our own and stopped for beers at a pub. (I don’t drink beer, so I had a rye and Diet Coke.)

It was great, despite the fact that I had left my sneakers at a friend’s the day before and in my frantic search for an old pair I totally forgot to put the backpack with my non-sunglasses and our paperwork (registration forms/waivers) in the truck; Jay had left his wallet at work; and the truck was out of gas. By the time we were done, it was almost dark and I could barely see out of my prescription sunglasses and we weren’t sure we were going to make it to a gas station in time.

Say yes!

(ps. did I mention it was free?!)

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