Put It On Paper

to do listI’m a big believer in lists. In 2011, shortly after we moved, I became super focused on making things happen in my life. Part of the process was to put it on paper. That way it’s concrete and specific. I can go back to it. I can remind myself. I can tweak it. I can check things off my list (very satisfying). It’s proactive and empowering. There’s a much better chance I’ll accomplish something if it’s on my list. I’ve posted before about my Next Activities list. This is a very action oriented, granular list of very specific things to do, such as:

– send $50 check to inspector
– get Rachel’s passport photo taken
– use manicure Groupon

I have other lists, too, particularly short term goal oriented ones. Some of the items on my 2013 list are:

– join a club
refinance house
sell old house
– go inner tubing in Pagosa Springs
– take Mom to Windermere
– keep going to yoga
– visit Oregon wine country
– get down to 129 lbs
entertain more

I relish checking items off my list and, literally, put a checkmark next to them. 😉 So far this year I’ve kept going to yoga, we refinanced our house, I joined a bible study group where I’ve met some wonderful women and have learned a lot. Our old house is under contract so, fingers crossed, I’ll be checking that off on July 3rd. I’ve booked my flights for Calgary so I can take my Mom to Windermere for a week at the end of July. I’m working on when Jay and I can go to Pagosa Springs, with the added benefit of stopping in Vail to visit our oldest son. And, hopefully, we’ll go to Oregon (or somewhere) in September, after Rachel’s off to college.

We have entertained a lot. This particular To Do isn’t very specific and, believe it or not, I actually keep a list of all the entertaining we do. I wouldn’t remember otherwise and would miss the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction I get when I go back over it. Plus, it’s really helpful for planning next year’s entertaining. So far this year we’ve had people over every month. Twice, in fact, in both April and May. And we’re set to have three things by the end of June – Rachel’s grad party (big), my critique group over for lunch tomorrow (easy), and our oldest friends and their kids over for a BBQ next weekend (medium).

I will probably never get down to 129 lbs, even though I’m never more than 5-10 lbs away from it. But it will always, always stay on my list. Out of sight, out of mind…

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