Attract Some Wildlife

hummingbird feederI’ve posted about the “pond” Jay built me for Mother’s Day. We keep it stocked with goldfish which are, luckily, very cheap. Because we now have a resident garter snake or two. They don’t eat as many as I was expecting. Our family has a long history with snakes. Our son, Casey, has been very interested in snakes since he was two or three. We had a banana king snake for years. And he has a number of his own snakes.

I, myself, am not that crazy about snakes. And I can’t watch them on TV or I’ll have nightmares about them. But the garter snakes in our garden don’t bother me.

Personally, I’ve always had an affinity for birds. Not pet birds, mind you. Just birds in the wild. My grandmother was the same. She had a large feeder outside her kitchen window in Edmonton and there were always cardinals, orioles, jays and cedar waxwings to watch. The whole bird attraction skipped a generation as my Mother has absolutely no interest in them whatsoever. 😉

I’ve just recently began my foray into actually attracting birds to our yard. I bought a hummingbird feeder when we moved, but I wasn’t very good about filling it – mostly because I thought it was broken and didn’t realize that you have to flip it very quickly after filling it or all the nectar will leak out. Have I ever mentioned that I’m not in the least mechanically inclined? I struggle with the three-dimensional, but am great with two dimensions – basically math and writing. Plus, I’m a good cook.

Anyway, Jay showed me how the feeder works and recently hung it in a better location. Also, I looked up the recipe for hummingbird nectar (four parts boiling water to one part sugar; refrigerate until cold) so I didn’t have to buy more. It didn’t take long for the birds to locate it. They seem to prefer the cooler mornings and evenings. But, I can hear them throughout the day, too. They make a lot of noise for such small creatures – a strange metallic/mechanical sound which, I’m assuming, is the sound of their wings beating.

It’s so cool! But, it’s virtually impossible for me to get a picture of one actually feeding. They’re wiley little things and scare away easily.

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