Use Agave Instead of Honey

agaveA few years ago I switched from using honey to agave for the following reasons:

– we’ve never used much honey and it always ended up solidifying and I’d have to microwave it to get it runny again and, ultimately, I’d end up throwing out half the container. Agave does not solidify.

– agave is runnier; better for measuring and flowing out of the bottle.

– agave has a lower glycemic index.

– babies under one aren’t supposed to eat honey. (Google “honey babies botulism” for details.)

– it’s easier!!!

3 thoughts on “Use Agave Instead of Honey

    • Interesting to know. In the past I’ve bought agave because I used SO little honey that it always solidified and agave does not. I didn’t know about the fructose aspect – but, since I used so little, my liver wasn’t in any danger. 😉 Lately, I’ve been making honey and cinnamon tea. For that I obviously use honey! And I make it often enough that I don’t have to worry about the honey solidifying. Thanks for the heads up!

  1. p.s., Agave has a “lower glycemic index” because, unlike glucose which is appropriately metabolized in the gut, fructose is slammed into the liver, which desperately turns it into triglycerides — you know the bad-things your doctor warns you about constantly?! Your poor overworked liver!

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