Today I Changed a Lightbulb

light bulbsA bulb in our bathroom went out and, since I have extras on hand, I had it changed out immediately. I hate to have burnt out bulbs in rooms. It looks shabby and I really notice the difference in the amount of light I’m used to.

When we moved into this house I wasn’t familiar with all the different bulbs used in the various fixtures. Luckily, most are just the regular kind (and, no, I won’t use those ice-cream cone looking, mercury poisoned, swirly bulbs) or interior floodlights. But, there are other kinds that we haven’t had in the past. Over the months, as bulbs burn out, I’ve stocked up on the various kinds. At this point I’m ready to replace 90% of the bulbs we have.

And, once I use the last or second last bulb on hand, I make sure to put it on my shopping list so I never actually run out of them.

Ahhh – order!



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