If It Bugs You, Fix It

cookbook cupboardI was very happy with myself for having organized my recipes into a binder!

However, there was still something that really bugged me. I keep my cookbooks in a cupboard next to our fridge. It’s a slightly awkward location. It’s particularly awkward to reach the top shelf. It’s a bit of a reach. Unfortunately, the shelf on the bottom wasn’t tall enough to accommodate my binder. So, for many weeks, I kept it on the upper shelf. Not a huge issue – but it was definitely less convenient than having it on the lower shelf.

The other day I decided to do something about it. Clearly, the shelving position is not immutable! How difficult could it be to adjust them to my liking?

Well – a little harder than I initially thought.  😉

I needed a stepstool (which, of course, I have) to get myself up high enough to work on it. I had to unload all the cookbooks (there are a lot you can’t see in the picture, behind the closed door; also, notice my 3-hole punch which is handily located where I will most often need to use it).

I had to maneuver the shelves out, remove the metal pegs/shelf holders, figure out where to reposition them to, and reinsert them. THIS was the hardest part. For the life of me, I couldn’t get one of them back in. I have a bit of arthritis and my grip strength is lousy. The “pegs” are metal, with two prongs, and the prongs on this one peg simply wouldn’t fit without some serious muscle. Finally, I had to give up on it. But I didn’t want to have to ask my husband to finish the job for me. I figured that another peg might fit and, being organized, I kept a bunch of spares from when we moved in and reconfigured the shelving throughout the kitchen and dining room.

It fit like a charm!

I put everything back together and voilà! It makes me very happy that every time I need to use my recipe book, I can grab it without having to stand on my tiptoes and risk torquing my bad shoulder (stupid accident involving a pilates ball). 😉

I am the master of this kitchen!

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