Have a Good Idea? Write It Down!

xmas listAs a writer, I know how important it is to get a good idea down on paper before it forever vanishes from my mind. The same holds true for any kind of idea. I know from years of experience that, no matter how sure I am that I’ll remember that great Christmas present idea or the name of that town I read about where we could go tubing down the river, I, most likely, will NOT remember them if I don’t write it down. In fact, not only will I forget the name of the town, I may forget about the idea entirely.

One of my goals in life is to simplify said life. When November rolls around and it’s time for me to start Christmas shopping my job is MUCH easier if I’ve proactively put together some ideas over the year. I don’t particularly like shopping. But I abhor it when I have literally no idea what to get. It’s torture.

So, when I was on Facebook today and a friend “shared” a picture of Jim Beam Bourbon Ball Chocolates I officially started my 2013 Christmas list. 

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