Getting the Last Bit of Lotion Out of the Container

williams sonoma lotionI like having nice smelling hand lotion in all the bathrooms and next to the kitchen sink. The kids and I all have dry skin. And it’s dry here in Denver (though nothing like Calgary, where my hair stands up from the static electricity).

So, I sometimes splurge on them, like this one from Williams Sonoma (though I’ve recently switched to TJ Maxx where you can find some great deals).

Anyway, this bottle of lotion came with a free, separate pump. When I took the lid off and inserted the pump, I initially threw the lid into the trash – until I thought about what would happen when I got to the bottom of the bottle! That’s when I retrieved the lid. I knew, that sometime in the next year or so I’d be kicking myself for not keeping the lid. You can’t very easily turn over a bottle with a pump in it.

This way, I’ll be able to get the last bit of lotion out of the container. And I might just hang on to that lid. There’s a decent chance it’ll fit another bottle one of these days – one that only comes with a pump and no separate lid.


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