A Well Stocked Kitchen

well stocked kitchenI like to save money. But having a well-stocked kitchen takes precedence. I cook. I value order and organization. And, besides, I’m not talking about having all the greatest and expensive gadgets. What I’m talking about is having the necessities. The essentials. And things that work!

If you ever start thinking it’s fine to keep the 30-year-old can opener sans any sort of grip material, maybe you should go peruse your Grandmother’s kitchen. Or great aunt Helen’s.

That’s where you’ll find the 50-year-old potato peeler that no one, and I mean no one, except she can make work. Or the cayenne pepper that, upon inspection, lacks the color of cayenne, the taste of cayenne, and, based upon the bottle, which meets neither of Canada’s metric nor bilingual labeling requirements, predates 1975.

I would provide my list of essential items, but it would be LONG and I know I’d forget things. And, from time to time, I’ll add something new to the list. A well stocked kitchen is, after all, a work in process. It is, also, particular to the person working in the kitchen.

Take a hard look at the condition of your condiments, spices, appliances, utensils. Try to look at them from the perspective of someone else; someone not used to what you’re accustomed to; perhaps someone much younger than yourself. Notice if you are forever making do with something, when another item would work MUCH better? Do you only have one measuring cup, when two (one for wet, one for dry ingredients) would save you time and hassle?

Then, take steps to rectify the situation.

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