Why I’m Keeping My Ink Bold

ink boldIt was a big disappointment when Office Depot stopped carrying Vanilla Visas. I was getting a lot of miles buying them with my Chase Ink Bold credit card.

I seriously considered closing my Ink Bold card. After all, it costs $95/year and I’m only using it for Comcast, Verizon and office supply purchases. But, I did the math. My Comcast and Verizon charges alone amount to around $400/month. So, even if I don’t buy anything else that adds up to 400 x 5 x 12 = 30,000 points/year. That’s more than a round trip ticket to Calgary which, with little to no notice, costs about $1,300. Even booking weeks in advance, a ticket costs more than $800.

I’m more than happy to pay $95/year to get those 30,000 points. I’m keeping the card. And, who knows, maybe Office Depot, or OfficeMax or Staples will start carrying those $500 Vanilla Visas again.

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