Two Trips to Calgary

zoo floodI was telling Rachel that her grandpa asked her grandma to marry him a couple of weeks ago. Dad’s dementia is heart breaking. But he’s still the same sweetie he always was. And he still loves Mom, even though he’s not really sure who she is. Nor does he remember that they’ve been married for 54 years. And, so, every once in a while he asks that pretty blonde lady who comes to visit him if she’ll marry him.

Upon hearing this Rachel decided she wanted to fly up to Calgary to visit her grandparents. This was on a Saturday and she was on a plane Wednesday evening. Instead of costing $1,300, it cost $133 and 25,000 miles. And it only cost that much because we had to pay United’s $75 “close in” fee for not booking three weeks in advance.

I, on the other hand, avoided the $75 fee when I booked my trip for late July – well in advance. It’s costing me about $66 and 25,000 miles vs. the $850 it would have otherwise cost.

I’m hoping the flood waters will have subsided by then. Poor Calgary. Rachel was there for the worst of it. The downtown area was evacuated. The Saddledome was under water up to the 14th row. The zoo, which is literally on an island in the middle of the Bow River, had to be partially evacuated. The Stampede grounds are pretty much at ground zero for the disaster and the Stampede starts in a week. 🙁

My family’s houses are all OK. But friends’ houses are flooded. Cars under water almost to the roofs. Or washed away altogether. Unbelievable. The last time they had a flood like this was in ’32, the year before my Dad was born. Which brings me around to him, again. He turned 80 in March. And he still wants to marry Mom.

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