Today I Got 25,000 Bonus Points

Wow – that didn’t take long!!

Our Ink BOLD arrived on October 15. But, since our statement end date is the 27th, our activity has already been posted. And we earned almost 31,000 points in those 12 days!!

We got 25,000 points for our first purchase, 1,878 points for the $1,878 total we spent, 4,040 points for the $1,010 I spent on two $500 Vanilla Visas at Office Depot, and an extra 43 points for gas. Not bad! Of course, the 25,000 bonus points will only happen one more time – when we meet the $10,000 spend by Jan 15th. But this card, with it’s 5x points for office supplies, internet, cable and phone services is definitely worth keeping. I expect we’ll earn over 25,000 points through the year strictly from paying our Comcast and Verizon bills, which come to $400-$450/month.

Good Lord, that’s a LOT of money!!

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