Today I Got 10,000 Bonus Miles

Just checked our October statement and there they are – 10,000 bonus miles. Yay! I love our Explorer card. In addition to the bonus miles, we saved $200 in bag fees in less than six months (with more to come), making it well worth the $95 annual fee.

Once I knew we were going to get the bonus miles I applied for the Chase Ink Bold business card. This is an Ultimate Rewards card which earns 25,000 bonus points with first purchase and another 25,000 bonus points if we spent $10,000 in the first 3 months, which we can do now that we’ve got the bonus on our Explorer card. The Ink Bold gets 5x points on office supplies, Verizon and Comcast!!!! It also gets 2x points on gas and hotel; 1x for everything else. Points can be transferred to MileagePlus. It has no foreign transaction fees which will come in handy whenever I’m in Calgary.

I’m planning to make incredible points by buying $500 Visa gift cards at Officemax or Office Depot and using them wherever I can.

We also applied for the Chase Sapphire preferred card. This is also an Ultimate Rewards card which earns 40,000 bonus points after $3,000 spend in the first three months; 2x points on any travel and dining; 1x for everything else; and a 7% annual points dividend. It, too, has no foreign transaction fees. I’m not sure we’ll keep this card after we get the bonus points. I need to decide which cards are the most valuable to us and worthy of keeping. I will close all the others.

But we’ll definitely keep the Explorer card as we aren’t willing to give up the benefits it offers – travel cancellation insurance, free checked bags, etc. And I would have saved $700 on a trip I had to cancel when my Dad got sick. But I didn’t get the Explorer card until two weeks after I booked those flights. 🙁

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