Earn Miles/Points With the Chase INK Bold

I’m excited! My Chase INK Bold Mastercard arrived today. This is a business card. Since we operate a business as a sole proprieter, we had no problem qualifying. We didn’t even have to produce any documentation, such as articles of incorporation or a separate business address. That being said, we already have a banking relationship with Chase. And I did have to reduce the credit limit on my other business card – but that’s not a problem as the limit was much higher than we ever needed.

I timed getting this card. We just met our spending requirements to get the 10,000 bonus miles on our Explorer card. In order to get the 50,000 bonus points on the INK Bold card we have to spend $10,000 in the next 3 months. This shouldn’t be a problem as we’ll put everything on the INK card. We rarely, if ever, use cash. Plus, Christmas is coming. Once we’ve got the bonus points we can start using our Explorer card in 2013, in hopes of getting the annual 10,000 bonus miles on it.

Jay and I are going to California at the end of the month w/o the kids. The two oldest “kids” are in college and our youngest is a senior in high school. It’s time we started practicing going on vacations by ourselves! We went to New York for 3-4 days on our 20th anniversary, six years ago. And, nine years before that, we went to Cozumel sans children. We have a LOT of catching up to do!!

So, my first purchase with my new INK card was to pay for the hotel in Newport Beach. The INK card gets 2x points for hotels. Yay! By making a purchase, we qualify for the the first 25,000 bonus points. Plus, I booked via Expedia from the Entertainment.com site, where we will get a $50 credit after we’ve completed our stay.

The INK card offers 5x points on all purchases at office supply stores. Luckily, there are Office Depot and OfficeMax stores close by. And they sell LOTS of gift cards for places we routinely shop. I will take advantage of this so long as I can’t get a better deal via Plastic Jungle or Cardpool (see sidebar), which I access via TOPCASHBACK.

It DOES get complicated! But, luckily, I think it’s fun!!