Today Jay Got a $60 Gift Card For Filling Out a Safety Form

visa gift cardI think he gets these twice/year. And, yet, you’d be surprised how many of his co-workers can’t be bothered to take the five minutes it takes to fill our the form. Over the past couple of years he’s been able to talk some of them into it. Once they get that $60 gift card, they’re converts.

But why the hesitation in the first place? I could understand if any of them, Jay included, made so much money that it wasn’t worth their time. And, yes, that’s the case for some people. Just not for us!!! (Or, as it happens, his colleagues.)

Time IS money. It’s good to have an idea of what YOUR time is worth. We know that it’s worth it for Jay to spend five minutes to get a $60 gift card. Or for me to spend five minutes to fill out a survey to get $25. And, these days, I’ll spend 25 minutes to drive eight miles round trip for 20 coupons worth upwards of $40. A few years ago, when I was super busy with flipping houses and making a good deal of money – I wouldn’t have done that. And, depending on what I’m doing, I may not be willing to do it in the future. But I do have a good feel for what my time is worth here and now.

You should, too.

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