Today I Sold Some Tile on Craigslist

craigslistWe use Craigslist quite frequently – to buy stuff, to sell stuff, and to advertise rentals. We just sold some ceramic tile for $25. I think we found the tile in a foreclosure we acquired, but I can’t recall. For sure, we didn’t pay for it in the first place – so the $25 is total profit.

In the past year or so we’ve sold some decorative iron fencing for $300. It came with our new house and made the front yard look like a cemetery. We sold a huge, once-white sectional that our neighbors gave us years ago, for $125, and an old fridge for $40. I even sold a Roseville vase for $75. It had belonged to my mother-in-law and I really didn’t like it much and had never displayed it. That time, instead of listing it for sale I looked for someone wanting to buy collectibles. I have a BUNCH of collectibles I would be happy to sell one of these days!

When we were moving we found lots of free boxes on Craigslist. After the move, we got rid of them the same way. We’ve also given away a TV, an old BBQ and a dishwasher via Craigslist. It’s a lot easier having someone come by and pick it up than figuring out how to dispose of it!

Finally, we use Craigslist to advertise our rentals. Years ago, we used to have to call in and pay for ads in the paper. Craigslist is SO much easier and it’s free! We also advertise on, another free service. You can create a professional ad and it gets published on numerous sites, including Zillow and Hotpads. It doesn’t populate your ad to Craigslist, but it does create HTML which you can copy and then paste into your own Craigslist ad – giving you a professional looking, color posting. 

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