Today I Made $21.13 From My Blog

cropped-updated-header22.jpgPart of my reason for writing this blog is to make some money. You do this by monetizing the site (ie. by becoming an affiliate with companies and placing ads for readers to click on).

Of course, you first have to create content and find a way to drive traffic to your site. And you have to be patient which, luckily, I am. So, when I say it’s not a get rich quick thing – you’d better believe it! I’ve been blogging for a full year and the balance in my Google Adsense account is a whopping $21.13. But $21.13 is infinitely larger than $0, which is what it was when I started. 😉

Right now, my goal is to make $1/day. Then $10/day. Someday I hope to make $100/day. In the meantime, I just plug away at it. I like to write. I don’t have a regular job and I’m interested in learning something about this new economy. So, while I’m still not even making $1/day, I’m optimistic. I recall, years ago, driving home from work and listening to the radio. Some economist was talking about Amazon and online shopping. He was poo-pooing it, saying it was no big deal and accounted for only 1% of all retail shopping. And I thought to myself, you idiot, a couple of years ago it was 0%. 1% is infinitely bigger than 0%.

You’ll notice that I have a lot of Amazon links and widgets. It’s sort of a waste of my time, since Amazon refuses to pay Colorado residents ever since our state legislated in favor of taxing our revenues, which means Amazon has to report to the state. (I think that’s what caused them to drop Colorado and a handful of other states – I can’t exactly remember.) But, who knows, maybe they will welcome us back into the fold someday. Or maybe the laws will change. Or maybe all the states will follow suit and Amazon will have no choice but to report on everything. In any event, I’ll be ready!

In the meantime, today I made some money from my blog. Well, sort of. Google doesn’t pay you until you have a balance of $100. But, today my balance grew by 37¢.

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