How I Made Money Today

moneyThe focus of my blog is on saving money. But, I don’t want to totally ignore opportunities to talk about making money. The truth is, making money matters as much or MORE than saving money. You don’t save your way to wealth. You’re not better off saving nickels when you could be making dollars. And, of course, doing BOTH is what really pays off!

However, it would be maddeningly wide as the focus of my blog if I were to discuss the endless ways to make money. Or it would be frustratingly narrow if I talked only about how we make money – because, basically, my husband gets a paycheck every two weeks, we get rental checks every month, I get royalty checks twice/year, and sporadically we flip a property. There wouldn’t be many posts!

And, anyway, it’s not the focus of my blog.

BUT, every once in a while I do want to post about how I made some money. So, I will!

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