Cottage Cheese and Fruit – Low Carb Snack

cottage cheese pineappleI used to eat this years ago – before the food pyramid came out and tricked everyone into thinking that carbs were good and fat was bad. No wonder obesity got worse. Unbelievable!

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying it again for either a snack or for lunch. I buy the highest fat cottage cheese I can, while trying to get it on sale or with a coupon. And I prefer canned, crushed pineapple. It’s also good with fresh strawberries, which are even lower carb.

So easy and tasty!

Low Carb Recipe – Roasted Squash

squashLike beets, squash is not a freebie when it comes to low carb eating. But if you’re craving carbs or want a substitute for regular carbs (ie. pasta, rice, bread), squash is a good choice.

My favorites are acorn and butternut. They are very easy to prepare:

– cut in half and scrape out the seeds
– score with a sharp knife
– wrap in aluminum foil
– bake on cookie sheet at 350 degrees for 60-90 mins, depending on size
– add some butter and maple syrup


Feta Cheese, Greek Olives, Olive Oil and Rosemary – Low Carb Snack

feta olivesI got this idea after I’d made an appetizer using a small block of feta, drizzled with a mixture of sliced greek olives, olive oil and fresh rosemary. I served it with crackers. But, I thought, if you take away the crackers it becomes low carb. Instead of a block of feta, use crumbled feta. Stir/mash the cheese, olive oil, olives and rosemary in a small bowl or cup and eat with a fork.

Very yummy and flavorful!

A Typical Grocery Receipt

buy 10 save 5We were low on milk and bananas and I had to make a quick trip to King Soopers. I bought 14 items:

– Land o’ Lakes half and half. At $2.99 it’s cheaper than the King Soopers brand, plus it was also on sale for $2.79. Savings = 20¢
– Frank’s Hot Sauce. Regularly $5.39, it was on sale for $3.49, plus I had a 35¢ coupon which was matched. Savings = $2.60
– Two gallons of skim milk. Regularly $2.99, they were on sale for $2.79. Savings = 40¢
– one lb butter. Regularly $3.29, it was on sale for $2.50, plus I had a coupon for 40¢. Savings = $1.19
– Two packs bacon. Regularly $3.99, they were on sale for $3.79, plus they were part of a buy 4 get $1 off each promotion. Savings = $2.40
– Two containers of goat cheese. Regularly $2.59, they were on sale for $2.39, plus they were part of the promotion. Savings = $2.40
– Two acorn squashes. Not on sale.
– One bunch beets. Not on sale.
– Two dozen eggs. Not on sale.
– Five and a half lbs bananas. Not on sale.

Total savings of $9.19, which was 20% off the total order. (Can you tell I’m eating low carb? The bananas were for Jay.)

Low Carb Mexican

fajitasGoing out for lunch/dinner can be tricky when trying to eat low carb. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant last week and I managed really well. I didn’t eat any tortilla chips. I ordered chicken and steak fajitas, which were prepared with peppers and onions, accompanied by guacamole, sour cream, salsa, refried beans and tortillas. I ate everything but the beans and tortillas.

Delicious AND low carb! And I didn’t feel like I was depriving myself at all.

Low Carb Recipe – Roasted Beets

roasted beetsBeets are not freebies when it comes to low carb eating. But if you’re craving carbs or want a substitute for regular carbs (ie. pasta, rice, bread), beets are a good choice. And they are oh so tasty! It seems I never cook enough.



3-4 beets, quartered or cut into smaller slices to cook faster
2-3 tablespoons olive oil
salt to taste

Preheat oven to 425° F.

Place the beets in a baking dish and toss with the oil, salt and pepper.
Transfer to the oven and roast until tender and browned, between 30 – 90 mins, depending on how thick you’ve cut them.

Today I Got Free Lucky Charms

lucky charmsMonths ago a company sent me some coupons in response to my complaint about the impossibility of opening a bag of their flour without tearing the top to pieces. At the time, I didn’t think I’d have any trouble using the coupons. But I was wrong. It seems I don’t buy much processed food. And, since I’m eating low carb, I really don’t buy much processed food.

But, our oldest child is back at home this week. So, when I asked him if he needed anything from the grocery store and he said “cereal”, I asked if he was partial to any General Mills brands (so now you know the company’s name). 😉

Lucky Charms was his enthusiastic response.

Two of the coupons I have are for $6 each, so I bought the biggest box of Lucky Charms King Soopers had. It was regularly $5.99 but happened to be on sale for $4.99. Either way, I got it for free.

I’ll have to remember to use the remaining coupons before they expire at the end of the year. I have a feeling it won’t be difficult. That box of Lucky Charms was BIG, but I don’t think it’ll last for long.

Low Carb Recipe – Brussels Sprouts, Garlic and Bacon

brussel sproutsAs I’ve recently reported, I’m eating low carb (or at least lower carb) and I thought I’d share some of the recipes I’m making.

This is another of my favorite dishes. I make LOTS because it disappears quickly. Again, per the rules in Jorge Cruise’s The 100 this qualifies as no carbs/sugar calories!


  • lots of Brussels Sprouts, chopped, or quartered or separated into leaves
  • 2-3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2-4 cloves of garlic, chopped up
  • 2 pieces of bacon
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper


Heat oil in large skillet. Add garlic and bacon when hot. Add Brussels sprouts and stir around until coated. Reduce heat and sauté until tender, stirring occasionally. I like to cook mine until the leaves and the garlic get crispy. Salt and pepper to taste. Decide who gets the bacon…

Ditch the Straw

vietnamese iced coffeeI noticed something a number of months ago. I made a Vietnamese coffee for a friend and it took her a long time to drink it. At the time I decided it was because it was SO delicious she wanted to save and savor it for as long as possible. The real reason was more likely because, unlike me, she was sipping it vs. drinking it through a straw.

I remembered this the other day and decided to try sipping my coffee instead of slurping it up through a straw. The difference was remarkable! Not only did it take MUCH longer to drink (and I wasn’t consciously trying to slow myself), but the coffee actually tasted better. There was something much more satisfying with putting my lips on the glass and taking a small swallow vs. delivering the coffee directly into my mouth through a plastic straw as if I was mainlining it.

Since my beloved coffee is a real no-no when it comes to my low carb diet (think two tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk), I should really take the time to enjoy it and get the most bang for my carbs. 😉


Oatmeal Deal

oatmealI posted recently about switching back to oatmeal (Old Fashioned Quaker) from steel cut oats. Along with saving carbs, I’ll be saving money, too. The least expensive steel cut oats I could find were the Red Mill’s brand, at $2.49 (when it is RARELY on sale at King Soopers) for a 24 oz bag. A 42 oz container of Quaker oatmeal is regularly priced at $5.59, which I would never pay a) because it comes on sale regularly, and b) Target’s regular price is $3.99.

Anyway, a container of Quaker oats lasts three, maybe four, times as long as a bag of steel cut oats – so, trust me, I’ll be saving money, albeit not much.

And I’ll be saving even more when I take advantage of promotions, like the current “Buy 5, Save $5”, in conjunction with a sale. Quaker Oatmeal is currently on sale for $3.99 and it is also a participating item in the Buy 5 promotion. If I buy 5 I save an additional $5, making each one cost $2.99.

That makes a bowl of oatmeal, what, 18 cents? And it’s healthy.