In Search of Lip Gloss

Sometime in the past year or so I bought some NYC lip gloss at Target. I really liked it. And you couldn’t beat the $1.99 price. So I bought another one about 6-8 months ago. Now that I’m running low, I looked for it at Target and, of course, they no longer carry it in their stores.Not online, either. 🙁

I checked on Google and the only place that seemed to carry it at the low $1.99 price was K-Mart. Luckily, there’s one pretty close to our house and we were driving past it the other weekend when we were out looking at open houses. I hadn’t been inside a K-Mart for eons. It was like stepping inside a time capsule! I bought any and all of the NYC lip gloss colors that I liked. Because, I’m pretty sure this K-Mart isn’t long for the world. Huge store. Massive parking lot. Desirable location.

And hardly any shoppers.

I should be good for a couple of years or so.

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