Bulletproof Diet

Two weeks ago we got back from a long wedding weekend in New Jersey and I felt I had packed on a couple of pounds, at least. My jeans were tight. I could feel my flabby stomach when I was in bed. Yuck – I hate that feeling.

Skip forward a week. One book leads to another and I was reading The Bulletproof Diet: Lose up to a Pound a Day, Reclaim Energy and Focus, Upgrade Your Life. I’m a pretty skeptical person, but lots of what Dave Asprey says makes total sense to me. And much of my skepticism these days is reserved for the so called health industry and “mainstream” nutrition advice. So, I ordered the ingredients to make his Bulletproof Coffee. It arrived last Friday. I made it Saturday morning, worried about missing my beloved Vietnamese coffee and worried that I’d be starving without my oatmeal (the Bulletproof coffee is all you have for breakfast.)

Well, I did miss my Vietnamese coffee a bit as I was preparing the Bulletproof Coffee. But, I didn’t give it a second thought afterwards. And I didn’t get hungry. I mean, I finally ate something around 2:00, but not because I was really hungry. It was just getting really late for lunch. We went out for some street tacos for dinner that night and I drank wine, too. So, I wasn’t actually being good. I ate “regularly” on Easter (as in not Bulletproof) including Vietnamese coffee, some oatmeal berry bake I made, some veggies, ground beef, and two glasses of wine, although I didn’t indulge in candy and baked goods.

So, I skipped the Bulletproof Coffee on Sunday, but I had it yesterday (Monday). I ate an avocado and some smoked salmon and a chicken thigh for lunch. Had baked salmon and carrots and brussels sprouts for dinner. And I ate some leftover oatmeal berry bake before bed because if I know that if I don’t eat any carbs I can’t sleep. And that’s simply not acceptable. I was worried about missing my oatmeal, so making it a before bed snack is a perfect solution for me.

Anyway, when I got up this morning I was surprised how thin I felt. I almost never weigh myself but decided to get on the scale. I weighed 135.2 lbs. I was almost positive I usually weigh 138 or more. I remembered that I’d weighed myself every Friday for awhile and recorded it on my calendar (which are searchable Word docs). I searched and, sure enough, in May of 2015 I was “religiously” weighing myself each Friday. NOT – I weighed myself all of three times. 😉 My weights were 141 (May 1), 136.6 (May 22) and 136.4 lbs (May 29). If I remember correctly, I weighed myself a fourth time, in June, and my weight had gone up and I was mad, because I’d been really good. So, I abandoned the whole exercise.

Anyway, this morning I weighed 135.2 lbs – with virtually no effort whatsoever. I can’t get into Dave Asprey’s program here. But he’s onto something. Check out his website and his blog:



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