Bridge Lessons

I’m working hard at both learning some new skills/interests and rediscovering ones I’d let fall by the wayside. For example, about five years ago, after a 20 year lapse, I started swimming laps again and have done so most Fridays since. That was easy!

Other sports have been a lot more intimidating. I played golf (poorly) when I was younger, but stopped 25 years ago when I was pregnant with our second child. Jay is a pretty good player and it would be nice if we could play together. So, last spring I took some lessons and played once during the summer. I was bad, but at least I was better than my friend. She had no history with the sport, save the lessons we took, and I realized how valuable my past experience was, no matter how long ago! I’ve played twice in the past month. Boy am I crappy, but determined to keep at it. Not sure when I’ll be ready to play with Jay. Plus, for some reason, I’ve got tennis elbow – so I need to get that resolved. Ouch!

In March, I skied for the first time in five years. I was so nervous, but it was a gorgeous, bluebird day, I didn’t fall, and I loved it. 🙂

As I mentioned last month, I’m learning how to speak Spanish with Duolingo. It was pretty slow going at first. My memory seemed so bad I was concerned I might have dementia! But, I’ve stuck with it and am very encouraged at how much better I’m getting. I can tell that I’m going to be able to read Spanish well before I can understand someone speaking it, let alone speak it myself. Anyway, I’m quite impressed with Duolingo and highly recommend it.

Finally, I started taking bridge lessons last week. My mom has played for years. A number of acquaintances have recently taken lessons. And I was finally inspired when I read The Bridge Ladies: A Memoir. We had our second lesson yesterday. It’s scary (I broke out in a sweat when it was my turn to bid), but I’m confident I’ll figure it out well enough to play with beginners.

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