Make Sure You Actually Have Your Driver’s License

We went to New Jersey for a wedding last weekend. Wow – what an event! But this post isn’t about weddings. It’s about not assuming your driver’s license is in your wallet when you go to the airport. I’m always so careful about my passport when we’re traveling out of the country. But, I always have my driver’s license in my wallet – right!!

No! Not when I transfer stuff to my small “evening” purse to go out at night – something I’d done the previous weekend when my brother came to visit and we went downtown. I almost had a heart attack at the check in.

Luckily, my little purse was in my luggage. And, luckily, the check in guy hadn’t heaved my bag onto the conveyor belt already. He’d heaved Jay’s onto it and Jay said “hey, I’m not checking in if my wife can’t” and the guy replied “well, I’m not chasing after it”, although it was only about 5 feet away at that point.

All’s well that ends well. But I will be physically looking to make sure I have my ID with me from now on. Funny thing is, between checking in and getting on the train to our terminal we ran into two other people who actually didn’t have their IDs with them. Apparently, it’s possible to get on a domestic flight without it – but they put you through the wringer interview-wise. Our flight was delayed by two hours, so we probably would have been fine.

Probably. I don’t care to ever find out!

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