$20 Promo Code at Talbots

Every once in a while I shop at Talbots. Not because they offer free shipping, because they don’t. And not because their website is so awesome. It isn’t.

But it’s possible to get gift cards for a hefty discount from sites like Giftcardbin.com. This past season I bought a top that I really like. So, I decided to see if they sold it in any other colors. Once I was able to locate the item on their website (it wasn’t easy) I saw that, yes, it came in the two colors I was looking for – black and ivory. Plus, it was on sale. Yay! I couldn’t find a discount gift card that I was willing to buy. The balances were too high. I was spending around $100 and didn’t want to buy one for $400+ (even though they are 25% off).

Sunday, I was ready to pull the trigger. Except that $8 shipping charge was really bugging me. I called the closest store to me to see if they had any stock, but was told that none of the stores had any. They were only available online at this point. I decided to hold off, even though the stock might all be gone by the time I made up my mind.

And, then, yesterday a $20 Talbots coupon arrived in the mail!

Voila! Decision made. The top I’ve already got fits me well and is flattering. I’ll be very happy that I got these other two. I might even have opportunities to wear them in the next month or so. It might be 75 degrees out this week but, this is Denver, we’re bound to see more cold weather before April is out. Besides, it’ll be November again before I know it. My days and weeks fly by so fast it’s almost alarming.

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