I added another item to my Interests list – learn to speak Spanish. I’ve been considering getting Rosetta Stone for awhile, but never got around to it. While reading Tools of Titans, though, I discovered duoLingo, which is a free online language app. I started yesterday. 🙂

At school, in Calgary, I learned to speak French pretty decently. I’m incredibly rusty at this point, having had few opportunities to ever use it these past 30 years. I have four cousins in Montreal, but I rarely see them. And they’re all perfectly bilingual, so speak English whenever we’re together. Maybe, if Jay and I ever go to France, I’ll be able to practice.

In the meantime, though, I have numerous reasons to learn Spanish. There are lots of Spanish speaking people in Denver. In fact, I just found out that our son is using duoLingo to brush up on his Spanish. He works in the construction industry and many of the sub-contractors are Hispanic.

Over the last couple of decades, Jay and I have usually gone to Mexico for vacation each year. We’re heading to Florida more often these days, but there are still plenty of opportunities to speak Spanish there. If we end up spending time in other warm climates like CA and/or AZ, it will be helpful to speak Spanish. And Spain is high on our list of places to visit. Duh!

Finally, one of my brothers moved to Guanajuato, MX a year or so ago. His new wife is Mexican and, although she speaks decent English, her other family members don’t. I imagine we’ll see them at least once or twice/year – either in Calgary, Denver or Guanajuato. It would be fun to be able to hold a basic conversation in Spanish. We’ll see how far I get.

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