Read Those Statements – Even the Ones You Throw Away

I’ve posted about always reading the comments on your bank and credit card statements. But I guess I needed a reminder. 😉

We have one account that has very little money in it these days because we aren’t flipping houses anymore. I’d close it entirely but, years ago, I set up a 401K for the business and four times/year a $25 fee comes out. Boy do I regret setting that up because we only contributed once, I think, and the whole thing is now a mystery to me that I’m going to have to unravel.

Anyway, whenever I get statements for this account I just file or throw them away. So, I was surprised when I noticed the account, which I keep at $50, went to $45. I called to inquire and found that they are now charging $5/month to get a paper statement. The notification was in the “Important Messages” section of a previous statement, which I hadn’t read. I was surprised that they wouldn’t reverse it for me. Usually, all you have to do is ask nicely. Especially, when it’s a new type of charge like this was.

Anyway, I signed up for paperless statements and just chalked it up to not paying attention to my own advice. Serves me right!

Now I really need to do something about that stupid 401K. I need to see if I can roll it over into something else, or liquidate it. I won’t even care about paying a penalty. I’m paying $100/year to maintain it, anyway, and it’ll serve as a reminder to keep things simple.

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