Expiring Miles

One of our kids had some 26,000 United miles that were in danger of expiring. He no longer uses the MileagePlus card and hasn’t taken a United flight in awhile. I didn’t want to lose the miles. Nor did I want to trade them for some magazines or other unwanted item(s).

I had a number of options.

I could have purchased miles. Not!!! It’s expensive and totally unnecessary.

I could have transferred points to his account. But the minimum number to transfer is 1,000 and I just wanted to keep his points from expiring.

I decided to buy something through United’s shopping mall. I linked to Target’s website via the MileagePlus shopping site, using his MileagePlus number, where I bought some UltraSwim shampoo and conditioner for $7.99 using my Target credit card. I think it got .5 miles per dollar spent, so a total of four miles were added to his balance. But the expiration date for his miles were extended another 18 months, which was the whole point of the exercise.

I needed the shampoo and conditioner anyway. Bed, Bath and Beyond was out of them when I went last month.

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