Why We Still Get the Newspaper

We still get a paper every morning. The cost keeps going up, but we haven’t called it quits – yet. Jay and I like doing the puzzles. I do the Sudoku and the Crytoquip. Jay does the Word Jumble. I know you can do these online, but I like doing them while I’m making and eating my morning oatmeal.

I also clip coupons. I probably don’t use enough coupons to justify the $20/month cost. But I use enough to defray part of the cost, especially when I make a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond.

I read much of the paper, not that I’m impressed by the writing or the bias. Seems most of the writers are in their 20s and spend more time on a witty, punny headline than making sure their readers can follow the gist of what they are trying to communicate. But, I regularly find something of interest or value in the Lifestyle section and/or the business section so that, between the coupons and puzzles and articles, I feel justified in the decision to keep getting the paper.

As things change (and they will) I may reevaluate. In all likelihood, the paper will quit me!

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