Trader Joe’s Greeting Cards

I’ve only recently starting shopping at Trader Joe’s. One opened near our house a year or so ago. I do the bulk of my shopping at King Soopers, but Trader Joe’s is great for snacks and appetizers if you’re having a party. And, unlike King Soopers, they carry shaved brussels sprouts.

They also carry awesome greeting cards. For 99¢. The selection is really good, as is the quality of the cards. They’re individually wrapped in cellophane. I like them better than Party City’s (plus it’s much more convenient). And did I mention that they’re 99¢? 😉

I want to start being more thoughtful and celebratory. I’m not big on celebrating stuff and would like to change that. I’m not talking about making a big deal out of everything. But sending a card to friends and family on their birthdays would be a nice touch. And sending candy and/or a small gift to the kids for occasions would really be appreciated. We always had really good, if not expensive, birthday parties for them when they were little – with lots of kids, and a theme, and activities, and a home baked cake, etc. So it’s not like they’re going to look back at not have wonderful birthday memories. But, I’d like to be more warm and fuzzy than I am with them now that they’re adults.

I’m hoping that between Trader Joe’s cards and the incredible convenience of Amazon Prime, I should be able to up my game noticeably.

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