Fuel Points at King Soopers

At the bottom of every King Soopers receipt there’s instructions on how to go online and provide feedback. Once a week you can earn 50 fuel points. I’ve never bothered, until recently. I was so annoyed that, once again, the store I often go to didn’t have any quart size regular half and half in either Land ‘o Lakes or Mountain Dairy. I’m not even being brand loyal. They had tons of fat free half and half (an oxymoron) but not a single regular. Oh – and they had more than a dozen fat free ones in the clearance refrigerator, marked down from $2.99 to $.50.

It happens regularly that they have no regular half and half. It’s so irritating. And I’ve mentioned it numerous times to the guy in the dairy section, who apparently could care less.

So, I went online and filled out the survey explaining how I really didn’t care how much money that store was losing because they stocked tons of an item that, clearly, no one buys, while missing out on selling an item that people must want because it’s always sold out. It’s not rocket science!

It felt good to get it off my chest. And I got the 50 fuel points. I didn’t really expect to hear anything back but, yesterday, I got a response. And an extra 100 fuel points!

Now, if it causes someone to look into (and resolve) their inventory problems in the dairy section, it’ll really have been worth the trouble!

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