Buying Gift Cards at Grocery Store with my American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card

I get 6% cash back on grocery store purchases with my American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card (on the first $6,000). Note that it’s grocery store purchases, not “groceries”. There’s little to no chance that we’ll hit the $6K ceiling in purchases, so I’m more than happy to buy gift cards at my local King Soopers. Especially since we’ve got four weddings, four bridal showers and one baby shower already on the calendar! And there could be more…

So far, everyone has been registered at Crate & Barrel, BBB, Target and/or Amazon. I’m not buying Target gift cards at the moment. I have a Target credit card that gets me 5% off and I’ve got a credit balance from Christmas shopping/returns. Also, I can buy Target gift cards online for around a 7% discount right now. Since I get an additional 2% cash back from using my Citi Double Cashback card, it’s unlikely I’d ever buy Target gift cards at King Soopers.

Amazon and Crate & Barrel are a different story, however. It’s difficult to find decent discount gift cards for either place. So, I always buy them at King Soopers with my American Express Blue Cash Preferred card and get the 6% cash back. I often get double fuel points, too. In fact, next time we need gas we’ll probably have 1000 points and will get the maximum $1 off per gallon. I’ll send Jay since his F150 tank is a lot bigger than my Elantra’s.

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