Keep it Simple

So, Jay and I went to the Colorado Home and Garden show a couple of Sundays ago. We’d gotten a coupon for “free entry for two” from our realtor and didn’t have anything planned that day. Between finding a free parking spot (street parking is free downtown on Sundays), walking, exploring, doing the show, and grabbing a drink and appetizer afterwards we killed an entire afternoon.

And we had a ton of fun, in the meantime.

Who knew there were so many hot tub companies! There was free candy everywhere. I was good and only had one (or two) pieces. I was looking for Dots, but didn’t find any. We tried out the $7,000 massage chairs/pods. Ouch! And, help, I’m trapped! We also tried out the $299 massage pads which were pretty awesome. Didn’t buy them, even though they only had two left! 😉

I got my ring cleaned. So sparkly!

We did buy two items. After all, it was Valentine’s Day that week. We got a grater that worked miraculously. In fact, we got two for the price of one! Turns out that the one the very effective demonstrator was using was probably an entirely different “version”. Plus, it turns out, that it takes longer to put the EZtwist together than it does to finish the job using my old, simple grater. What a surprise! I’m going to Goodwill them.

I’m hoping The Best Hummingbird Feeder Ever that Jay got IS just that. I actually think it’ll be great. The guy selling them was a surly old dude. He knew everything about hummingbirds, but his sales pitch was almost non-existent. Which sort of made us want to buy it! Plus, the company was founded by a couple – one American (him) and one Canadian (her) – just like us.

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