Bed, Bath and Beyond Trip

I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond (BBB) yesterday. We are going to (yet) another wedding and the couple is registered there. I have learned from experience not to wait too long to buy gifts as all the good ones will be taken and you’ll be left getting spatulas and measuring cups.

I could have ordered the gifts online and had them delivered for free. But BBB is across the street from Crate and Barrel and I had to pick up a gift for a bridal shower this coming weekend (different wedding). Also, when I buy stuff at BBB I want to use discount gift cards and the coupons that I save from flyers. Yesterday, I didn’t have any BBB discount gift cards on hand so I stopped at King Soopers and bought one there using my American Express Preferred card, getting both 6% cashback AND double fuel points.

In addition, I used two 20% off coupons. So, my purchases came to $36.78 instead of $45.98. And BBB offers free gift wrapping!

While waiting for the gifts to be wrapped, I shopped for Tresemmé conditioner, O’Keefes Foot Cream and Ceravé cream. I had coupons for all of them. The Ceravé cream was regularly $12.99 each. The Tresemmé conditioner $4.99. And the O’Keefe’s $6.99. I bought three of the Ceravé creams using three $3 off coupons. I bought two of the Tresemmé conditioners using a buy two, get one of them free (up to $5.99) coupon. I bought one foot cream using one $1 off coupon. I used three of BBB’s $5 off a purchase of $15 coupons.

The total regular cost of all the items, pretax, would have been $55.94. But once all the coupons were applied (and she was instructed to give me the whole $5.99 for the Tresemmé, even though it only cost $4.99 – I wouldn’t expect this every time) my total came to $24.95. (pretax).


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