Xfinity App

Over the years I’ve tended to use my phone only for texting and calling. Lately, though, I’ve been trying to take advantage of its many useful features. For example, I use the Chase app to deposit checks. I downloaded the Uber app last summer and have become a fan. Our daughter likes to play Words with Friends, so I downloaded that. I’ve got the King Soopers app, which helps me remember what coupons I’ve loaded to my profile. I even figured out how to play music on our Sonos via the Pandora app I downloaded to my phone. This also involved creating a playlist of Christmas songs on iTunes. I was very proud of myself!

More recently, I downloaded the Xfinity app. Though I usually check my emails when I’m at my desktop, it’s really convenient to be able to check them on my iPhone, especially when we’re out of town. But what I like the most about it is my ability to check for voicemails. I can even read the transcript from my iPhone. And delete it without the hassle of picking up the landline (yes, we still have one), punching in the code, listening to it, etc. etc. It’s so convenient!

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