New Drivers License

My new drivers license arrived yesterday. This time I was careful to wait until 2017 to get it. My birthday is at the beginning of March. Last time, my license was due to expire on my birthday in 2013 and, thinking I was being super organized, I applied for it in December 2012. They always expire on your birth date, five years from the current year. So, instead of expiring in March 2018, it expired on March of 2017. This time I’ll get five years out of it and it won’t expire until 2022.

I wasn’t able to renew online this time as I’d done that the last two times. So I had to go to the DMV – one of my least favorite things to do. However, I discovered that now you can schedule an appointment! How convenient. By doing so, you get into the fast line when you get there. It probably wouldn’t have mattered, as the office wasn’t busy at all. (Make note, Tuesdays at 1:30 appear to be a good time to go in.)

I made my appointment for 1:30 and arrived at 1:15 to register. I was back in my car by 1:31 with my temporary license. My new card arrived nine days later. Before putting it in my wallet I updated the records I keep on everything. And then I scanned and saved a copy of it.

The only bad part of the whole experience is that I have to say goodbye to the picture on my old license where I was a) 15 years younger, and b) smiling (you can’t show your teeth anymore due, I think, to facial recognition technology). I’m not very photogenic and it only gets worse the older I get. It was such a cute picture!! 🙁

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