Last Tuition Payment!

I made our last tuition payment the other day. Yee ha!!

Granted, the money continues to drain our bank account with her rent, living expenses, cell phone, etc. etc. etc. BUT we just made the final tuition payment for child number two in September. So, until recently, we were paying tuition for two kids.


Child number one has been independent for close to five years, about a year before our youngest started college and moved out.

Child number two graduated in December and started a good job in January. An “I can support myself” kind of job. He’s responsible for everything now. He’s even started paying us back for expenses racked up over the previous 6 1/2 years (yes – it was a long haul). I’m taking $100 out of every paycheck until we’re good. I haven’t bothered to put a number on it but this means we are no longer shelling out for gas or rent or utilities. And I’ve set up automatic monthly transfers to cover his share of our Verizon and auto insurance bills.

Child number three graduates in May. I don’t want to get ahead of myself and jinx anything. Graduating doesn’t guarantee getting a job providing self sufficiency. And getting a job isn’t the same as getting the right job or keeping a job. And, let’s face it, you’re never really out of the woods if you’re a parent. Bad stuff happens.

But good stuff happens, too, and you may as well celebrate it when it does!

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