Getting Rid of More Stuff

craigslistI’ve posted a number of times this past year about getting rid of stuff. I’ve pared my closet down even more. There aren’t any old or unwanted items in my pantry, fridge or freezer (well, hardly any). My files are much lighter. I’m ruthless about getting rid of stuff. I’m even happy when some things break, because then there’s no reason, excuse or justification to keep it!

I’ve also posted before about selling stuff on Craigslist. Last time I posted we had a Suburban, a twin bed set, furniture that we acquired with a foreclosure, and a computer desk that came with our current house. All sold. This past week I sold a pair of tap shoes ($10), our old cordless phone set ($10), a United lounge pass ($10), my old ergonomic keyboard ($5) and a tapestry ($500). The tapestry we bought on Craigslist for $500 about eight months ago and, right from the start, we weren’t happy with it. I posted it a few months ago, knowing it would take awhile to sell. I just kept renewing it, never dropped the price and, finally, got a call from someone looking for a tapestry. They offered $400, but I didn’t take it. Selling it meant we had to get it down (a hassle) and then we’d have a big empty wall. So, I wasn’t that motivated. Two days later they called back to say they’d pay the asking price. And they were super nice people.

In between those two periods, we sold goose decoys, an old kerosene heater, an old Maxima, a pair of armchairs, a pair of Birkenstocks, a pair of Finn Comfort sandals, a brass chandelier, an old computer monitor, an inflatable boat that came from one of our rentals, and a patio heater.

That’s a LOT of stuff!

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