No More Lladros

lladrosMy mom really likes Lladros so I, too, accumulated some along the way. I bought a couple in Europe (when I was 20!), inherited one from my Grandma, and got some as wedding presents. I also had some Hummel figurines. Egads!

Thing is, Jay hates Lladros and Hummels.

Over the years I started to like them less and less, as well. They were a reflection of my mother’s taste, not mine. After our last move most of them ended up not getting unpacked. After close to five years, it was clear I really didn’t have any attachment to them. And our kids won’t want them, either. Turns out kids don’t like their parents’ stuff. I keep reading this. And hearing it from my friends. So it must be true.

The turning point for the Hummels came when watching an episode of Better Call Saul. He’s practicing elderlaw and is at an old lady’s apartment waiting for her to take the lift chair down the stairs. She has a curio cabinet full of Hummels. Dozens of them. That was enough for me.

The turning point for the Lladros came when I was checking out a townhouse in a community we might be interested in someday. The homeowner had a curio cabinet full of Lladros and it screamed “old”. The fact that I’m getting old, myself, is clearly making me sensitive to it. 😉

I gave one of the Lladros to a friend of mine and I sold everything else on Craigslist. I probably netted less than $200 for all of them, but I haven’t regretted it – yet.

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