Citi Double Cash Card

citi double cashI recently applied, and got, a Citi Double Cash Card. I’ll be retiring a couple of my other cards or, if they have no annual fee, keeping them as a backup.

Here’s the breakdown of how I’ll be using them:

  • American Express Blue Preferred ($75 annual fee) – use at all grocery stores for 6% cashback
  • Ink Bold Mastercard ($95 annual fee) – use for Comcast, Verizon, and office supply stores for 5X United points, hotels for 2X United points
  • United Explorer Visa ($95 annual fee) – use for all United travel to get free checked bags and for foreign travel to avoid foreign transaction fees
  • Costco Citibank Visa (no fee) – this card will replace my existing Costco American Express and I’ll use for Costco (2%), gas (4%), US restaurants (3%)
  • Citi Double Cash Card (no fee) – use for everything else for 2% cashback

While it looks complicated, on a day to day basis I’ll pretty much only be using the American Express Blue Preferred, the Citi Double Cash Card and the Costco Citibank Visa. I’ll use a sharpie to write on them, as a reminder of what to use them for.

I’ll be canceling the United Explorer card I got for Jay (in order to get 50,000 miles) once we’ve used it for a trip we’re planning. Our current Costco American Express will expire. And I’ll keep our American Express Blue Everyday and Bank of America Cash Cards as backups since they have no annual fees.

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