Toothpaste and Travel

IMG_1684I just got back from our annual girls’ week at my friend’s place in Florida. Seven days of beaches, bike riding, and taking it easy! So wonderful…

The night I got home, I unpacked and went to brush my teeth with my expensive* prescription toothpaste (Prevident 5000 Booster Plus). When I opened it tons of it oozed out. Lots. Jay was able to salvage a bunch and scrape it into his container.

I’m terrible at anything resembling physics and didn’t understand why this happened when I got to Denver, but not when I arrived in Florida.

It’s the altitude change. Denver’s at a higher altitude, and the air in the container expanded. I think that’s what he said. 😉 The upshot of it is squeeze out as much excess air as possible from containers before packing them.

* Our dentist recommended this toothpaste to help with some issues we’re having (ie. old people problems), so we’re using it. However, I’m not allowing her to send it home with us anymore. She originally charged us each $20 for it. I asked her to write a prescription for me and I can get it for $11.35 and pay with pretax dollars from our HSA account.

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