Keeping Track of “Bonuses”

money stretchedI thought it would be interesting to keep track of bonus earnings – money, gift cards, rewards etc. we earn from using savings websites like TOPCASHBACK, for credit card cashback or bonus programs, from participating in company programs (eg. the safety program at Jay’s work, or my company’s B-Fit program), rebates, health insurance reimbursements, etc.

April has been pretty good:

  • $250 for our American Express Blue Preferred bonus
  • $25 cashback from our American Express Blue Everyday card
  • $30 from our American Express Blue Preferred 10% cashback for Verizon
  • $40 from United Healthcare for our monthly fitness reimbursements
  • $73 for two rebates that arrived in the mail
  • $100 Macy’s gift card from Jay’s work for working the storm the other week (in addition to all the overtime)
  • $40 Macy’s gift card (I had purchased tons of stuff online (which I mostly returned) and got $40 in my “wallet” but their website wouldn’t let me use it so they sent me a gift card instead).

That’s a total of $558 and the month isn’t even over yet! Granted, this is more than we will usually see. The $250 bonus is a one time thing, and the Macy’s gift cards are unlikely to occur again. Other month’s totals are $40 for January ($1,540 if you count the HSA seed money from Jay’s company), $835 for February (another good month with a credit card bonus and a $450 recreation reimbursement from our city), and $130 for March.

It is definitely worth the trouble to sign up and submit the necessary paperwork for things!

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