Uber Organized

clean deskBoy, does it ever feel good to have my office and files so organized! I’ve been even more effective than usual. I just finished my Canadian passport renewal application which had been languishing in a pile since November. I went, yesterday, to get the passport photo taken. And I’ll be dropping it in the mailbox later today. It so easily could have languished for another six months and then, guess what, my old passport would have been a year expired and I wouldn’t have been able to do just a renewal. I would have had to apply, which requires a guarantor’s signature and is more of a hassle. I applied for a ten year passport (new to Canada). It was such a pain having to do it every five years!

I’ve also made an appointment to get our wills signed and notarized next week. This has been on my To Do list for a year! We subscribe to Legal Shield and I’ve decided to drop it once we get this done. I kept thinking I’d bring all the docs into Jay’s office and have one of his colleagues (a notary, obviously) notarize it all for us. But, luckily, I read the instructions and we need two witnesses which would be a pain. And I never managed to make it happen, anyway. I don’t care that the law firm charges $140 to do it. We will get it done. They will do it correctly. And I can cancel our subscription, which has been costing us $25.95/month.

Still on my To Do list is reapplying for Canadian passports for each of the kids.

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