Loving New American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card

blue cash preferredI’m loving our new American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card. We’ve already gotten the $250 bonus cashback credit and the first 10% credit for Verizon, which came to just over $30. We’ll get that amount every month until we hit the $200 max.

I love the way they just credit the amount directly to your balance. I’ll be interested to see how they process the regular (ie. non bonus cashback) and how much the 6% cashback for grocery store purchases ends up being. I’ll be sure to always buy things like stamps at King Soopers from now on. And gift cards. I think everything at grocery stores counts.

I know from experience that Target purchases used to earn me double points on my old United MileagePlus card, which earned 2X miles for grocery store purchases. But I’m not expecting to see 6% at Target on my Blue Cash Preferred card. I’ll test it out, of course – because, if I do, I won’t have to use my Target credit card anymore. That would be awesome. But, I’m betting they use a different set of MCC codes for determining what qualifies.

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