Snow Day

patio snowWe were snowed in this weekend. Well, not completely – Jay has a big truck, so he was able to get out and about. Plus, we lost a tree out back, which he started to cut up. So, he went outside.

But I just stayed indoors. I decided to tackle my office. I started by dusting and ended up going through drawers and piles of paper. I must have thrown out 30 lbs of old documents. Was it interesting to look at the paperwork from 1970, when the original owners of our “old” house purchased it for $38K. In a way, yes. Do I really want to keep it? Duh – we don’t even live there anymore!!

My office looks SO nice now that I’ve decluttered it. Also, I bought some curtains at Pier1 last week that I’m really pleased with. The first time one of my friends saw our house, almost five years ago, she said she would replace the heavy burgundy ones that were there. I have to agree that she was right! The room is much lighter with the new ones.

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