Citibank Costco Anywhere Visa

costco citibank visaCostco is ending their relationship with American Express. Sometime in the next couple of months those of us with Costco American Express cards are going to be receiving a Costco Anywhere Visa by Citibank. It earns 4% cashback on gas, 3% on restaurants and “eligible” travel purchases (need to figure out what this is), 2% at Costco and 1% on everything else.

So, we’ll be using it for gas, restaurants and Costco. We’ll use the American Express Blue Card Preferred for groceries. We’ll use the United Explorer card for United travel. I might cancel our Ink Bold card as it has an annual fee. I’m not sure about that, yet. We have tons of miles at this time and I’m finding that, aside from flying to Calgary, we are often flying Frontier or Southwest – so United miles aren’t a huge issue for the time being.

I’ll use our Bank of America cards just enough to get up to $25 cashback (the minimum for redemption) and will then just hang on to them in case we ever need an extra card. These cards are still a good choice for our kids. Another card worth considering for them is the Citibank Double Cash card. I’m going to look into it for them.

Right now, as a matter of fact!

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