American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card

blue cash preferredI wrote about doing the Credit Card Shuffle a few months ago. I got an American Express Blue Cash Everyday card which gets 3% cash back on groceries and had a sign up cashback bonus of $300 once you spent $2,500 in three months. The timing was good because property taxes were due on our rentals. Denver (though, not Arapahoe) county allows you to pay via credit card without any fees. So I got the bonus the first billing cycle.

Anyway, someone tried to pay with their Blue Cash card at work the other day. We don’t take American Express, but I mentioned how great it was to get 3% back on groceries. He replied that he got 6%. I was like – what?!?! When I got home I looked through all of American Express’ credit cards and, sure enough, their Blue Cash Preferred card gets 6%! There’s a $75 annual fee, but I ran the numbers and I’ll save more than enough to cover that and still come out ahead compared to their Blue Cash Everyday card.

So, I applied for it and was immediately rejected because I so recently got the Everyday card. Darn!! I figured there had to be a way around it, so I got out my iPad (where there weren’t any American Express credit card application cookies) and applied for Jay. And he was approved and it arrived yesterday and I immediately ordered a free companion card for me. 😉

The Preferred card’s bonuses are even better than the Everyday one’s. We’ll get $250 cashback after spending $1000. And we get 10% cashback, up to $200, on our Wireless Telephone Provider charges in 2016. We should max that out as our Verizon bill is close to $300/mo and the card arrived just in time to switch our April billing over to it. Once the year is over, I’ll switch back to paying with our Ink Bold to get 5x points. (Assuming I keep it.)

So, in addition to the 6% off our groceries, we should see all of the $450 in possible cashback bonuses.


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