Chairs on Craigslist

craigslist chairsFor the past forever whenever we’ve had more than six at the dining room table, we’ve cobbled seating together with a mixture of card table chairs and old kitchen table chairs hauled up from the basement.

No more!

I managed to find four Duncan Phyfe chairs for $200. The seller originally wanted $600! But I’m very patient. He emailed me a couple of months after I offered him $200 to say he’d take it. They match well enough. I’ve looked long enough to know a perfect match might be impossible. And, if I ever do find a perfect match, I can buy them and sell the four I bought for $200. 😉

I also managed to sell two old armchairs on Craigslist. I had them advertised for months and finally sold them when I dropped the price to $40. For both! There was absolutely nothing special about them. I’m happy for the $40 and to be rid of them.

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