Work Wardrobe

tommy hilfiger topI bought a LOT of tops, online, from Macy’s last week and am in the process of deciding which ones to keep. If there’s anything I hate, it’s buying clothes! And I feel sorry for the sales associate when I return the ones I’m not keeping. I try very hard to keep everything organized to make it as painless as possible.

Anyway, I have a bunch of tops from a few years ago that I don’t wear anymore and that are in perfect condition. They are practically new because they didn’t turn out to be good wardrobe choices. It seems I either wear something to death (a good purchase) or hardly ever wear it.

I hate to get rid of them, despite the tax deduction! I’ve decided that I’m going to wear them to work. I work at the registration desk of a rec center, so what I wear is not very important. If anything, I’ll be overdressed. I’d rather not wear the new tops that have a chance of actually being successful wardrobe choices. I’d also rather not wear the ones that I’m already wearing to death, as it will just hasten their demise. Some of these are gifts from one of my kids. They are perfect and I would buy duplicates or triplicates, but he doesn’t have much money and they all came from clearance racks in Vail and are totally unavailable anymore. Agggh.

Figuring out my wardrobe is definitely on my bucket list.

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