Antique Store Find

jm platesI stopped by a couple of antique stores the other day, on my way home from a lovely day at Wash Park with my friends. 🙂 I’m trying to finish decorating now that we got the new furniture. We have a large wall that I want to fill with either oil paintings or mirrors – most likely mirrors as they are much less expensive. Maybe I’ll do something with both. If I look on Pinterest, I’ll be sure to get some ideas.

It seems like antique stores are going the way of bookstores – as in, they are disappearing. One of the stores, Black Tulip, has fabulous stuff – but it’s almost impossible to navigate the interior anymore. They do most of their business online via Ruby Lane.  The fellow working there suggested I check out the website, write down the numbers of the items I’m interested in and email them to him. He could then gather them all up for me to look at.

I went into a couple of other stores, too. It’s almost depressing. No customers. A hodge podge of stuff piled everywhere. I wonder how they make a go of it, although I’m sure weekends would be much busier than a Wednesday afternoon. One store had two rooms and lots of stuff was on sale as they were consolidating into one room due to a recent rent increase. A couple of interesting plates caught my eye right away. They were marked down to $15 each. I loved them and, at that price, couldn’t pass them up – especially since turquoise features predominantly in my dining room area.

Both plates are really striking. I have a pretty good eye and could tell they were special. The seller clearly had no idea. She even had price stickers stuck to them that lifted off some of the paint when I, very carefully, removed them. 🙁 A little research on the JM mark on the back of the plates helped me determine that it stood for Johann Maresch and that they are quite collectible. Not sure how valuable they are.

Certainly more than $15!!

But I wouldn’t care if they aren’t worth even that. I love them so much…

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