Vehicle Registration Cards

vehicle registration cardThey’ve changed the Colorado Vehicle Registration Cards. Every time they come in the mail, I put one copy in my tax file. I write the name of the person whose car it goes into on the 2nd copy and make sure it gets into the right car. Then, come tax time, I have all the registration cards I need in order to record the owner’s tax on our itemized deductions.

Except now, the two copies of the registration cards are not identical. The owner’s tax is only listed on one of the copies. So, now, it matters which copy I put into my tax file. Luckily I noticed it this week, when my registration came in (although, at first, I put the “tax” copy in my glove compartment.

I, so easily, could have ended up with the wrong copies in my tax file, and the right copies in Vail/Fort Collins/Boulder where the kids and their cars are. We can’t claim the boys as dependents, although one of them is still in school and practically fully dependent, but I do claim the vehicle taxes on all the cars. First of all, I’m on all the titles. Plus, they all claim the standard deduction. Until they’re fully independent and itemize, that deduction is ours!

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